Bookkeeping for Creative Entrepreneurs

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Numbers people for people who aren't numbers people.

What We Value


We do what we say, and we say what we do. And if we can't, we do our best to make it up to you.


We aim to ensure that every client is comfortable with what the numbers are telling them, not just that they're completed.


We keep things as simple as we can to eliminate confusion and build confidence.

Get your books done with the help of a pro!

How We Help

"I know I should..."

but you don't. Until tax time when everything is due all at once so you scramble and stress to get it all updated. With us on your team, we'll help keep you on top of "all the things" numbers-wise all year long.

"I am overwhelmed..."

and scared and don't know where to start. Doing nothing only makes things worse. Everything piles up, which feels more scary and overwhelming and the cycle continues. We get it. We'll walk you through everything, every month, and make sure you feel in control, informed and empowered.

"I don't understand..."

and Google doesn't help. Confusion breeds discontentment and you end up giving up on the business altogether. We believe in you and your business, though! Think of us as an advisor and lean on us when things get fuzzy.

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